This is the internet, you have no privacy.1

I agree that privacy is important and should be a right, but at the same time, this is the internet. Better not to expect anything. Thinking that it can be regulated or controlled is foolish2. If you really want to know if you are being tracked, check your browser (eg. cookies) and read all of the code it is executing.

But jokes aside, I can reassure you by telling you that this is a static website. As such, this website doesn’t collect any information, nor does it have the capability to collect or store any information. And it will never have such capabilities, because I don’t want to collect or store anything.


This site is hosted by GitHub, which claims to be GDPR-compliant. They might still record your IP-address and time whenever you access this site, use cookies to track you, or even inject content that I am not aware of. Better ask them directly if you are curious.


This site also uses content hosted elsewhere on the web, such as on CDNJS and Google Fonts, which I don’t control. Again, these providers could track you, set cookies or inject code that I am not aware of. I’m actually working on removing my dependency on these services. But in the mean time, if you are bored you can go ahead and read their privacy notices.

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  2. There are about 4 billion internet users, 2 billion websites spanning almost 30 years back. There are at least 200 countries with internet users in the world. At that scale, it is impossible to regulate anything. Source: Internet Statistics 2018 and Internet Users by Country (2016)