APFS Compression on my MacBook

In this post, I will take a look at how transparent file compression can be enabled on Apple machines using APFS, how effective it is and how we can get information about the actual size of a file on disk from the kernel.

Installing Apple San Francisco Fonts on Linux

Apple has always had a knack for producing and using high-quality typography. Not too long ago, they switched the font for their UI from the classic Helvetica Neue (a typeface originating from Switzerland, known for precision watches) over to their own custom typeface, which they called San Francisco.

Malware Analaysis on macOS, Part 1: Bash

This is part one of a multi part series where I reverse-engineer some shitty macOS malware. In this post, I deobfuscate some bash scripts.

Tweaking ffmpeg

Today I spent some time exploring ffmpeg. Kind of unintentionally, actually. I actually just wanted to record some screencasts with QuickTime to see what it can do. But the files it generates are huge—5GB for just 30 minutes of video. ffmpeg to the rescue!

Srcery Colorscheme

This week I had to set up a bunch of things for work. Since I spend a lot of time on the command line, I wanted to make it look comfortable. At first, I went with the default of black text on a white background, but soon enough I got...

Exploring APFS

File systems are fascinating and scary. When I heard that Apple was working on its own in 2016, I was immediately interested. In this post, I will take a look at this file system and see what it's all about, and explore some of the new features that it brings to the table.

Fresh system

I just bought a new MacBook since I managed to break my old one while travelling in Taiwan. I always love getting a new system, because the setting up phase is a good opportunity to get rid of old cruft and review what is essential for me.

Tracing in Linux and macOS

If you’re coming from Linux, you may be familiar with the ptrace family of commands — strace and ltrace. If you’re coming from macOS, you may have had brief encounters with dtruss or dtrace, instead.

Fish Riddle

The internet is full of distractions, and unfortunately, I am not always impervious to all of them. Some of them can lead to interesting results. Today, my distraction came in the shape of a riddle from a riddle from a TED-Ed video, which got me to explore my (rusty, but...